About us

A word from Adam, Director and General Manager of  Morocco desert trips providing Morocco Desert Trip and Sahara tours:

Hello, and welcome to Morocco desert trips . As General Manager of Morocco desert trips it is my privilege to ensure all our valued guests travel in safety, which is why I personally guarantee your satisfaction, needs, and comfort when joining us on one of our desert trips. We are a premium licensed tour company who provides excellent customer service by welcoming all our guests with the very best service we can offer.

We are fully aware that it’s you, our customers, who are the driving force behind the success of our business, so our aim is to ensure that you receive great value for your money and that the experience you enjoy whilst in our care creates memories to last a lifetime. We try at all times to be very transparent in our dealings with our customers because, after all, when you’re happy we’re happy too!

I believe it’s my responsibility to inform you that many online tour companies offering excursions and tours are operating illegally, which is of great concern to me. Our aim at Morocco desert trip providing Marrakech Desert Trips and Sahara Tours, is to ensure the safety of our customers at all times but, unfortunately, it’s almost impossible when researching online tour companies for travellers to determine which companies are legal and which are not. Sadly, many people only discover that the company they are travelling with is operating illegally when problems arise. It’s a sad indictment on our industry that anyone who owns a 4-wheel drive or mini-bus can sell tours online, so, for the safety of all concerned please be sure to book your Morocco desert tour with a licensed tour company.

Many people are encouraged by reviews on Trip Advisor or budget prices that look very tempting, so, for your own safety and comfort I do suggest you ensure the company you decide to travel with is licensed and fully bonded. There will always be an illegal tour company ready to cut our prices by 5 or 10 euros and this can be explained by the fact that as a licensed and fully bonded tour company we have a physical walk-in office and are happy to pay our taxes. We also employ staff members for sales and accounting purposes.

Please be aware that choosing the wrong tour company for your private or shared Morocco desert tour can completely ruin the entire experience. For the sake of just a few euros we suggest you choose wisely for your Morocco desert experience. Let us serve you at Morocco desert trip. We’ll ensure you have a safe, thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget.

Thank you!
Adam: General Manager