Day trip from Marrakech to Essaouira

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One of the most sought-after Essaouira is a beautiful seaside town filled with old Moroccan houses and an array of seafood restaurants. It is just two and a half hours away from the main Marrakech city. The first stop you should make is the port, very famous for its groups of seagulls and blue boats and the fresh breeze blowing at the Skala port will refresh your mind. Then, enjoy the treat of an amazing seafood lunch at the harbor. To finish your tour, walk the streets of the medina, keep your eyes open and you’ll be surprised by the beautiful architecture and local flair.


  • A day trip to the seaside town of Essaouria
  • You will learn how to process Argan oil at the artisanal factory
  • The beautiful scenery of sheep climbing the mountains and Argan trees
  • Walk around the Medina in its labyrinthine and bastions streets
  • A refreshing long walk on the seashore of Essaouira
  • Serve yourself delicious seafood at the harbor


Your trip to Essaouria from Marrakech will start at 08h00 AM. Sidi Lmokhtar is a small village located just to the West of Marrakesh. This village is known for its argan trees and forests, which are unique to the region. The group will enjoy a coffee here, as to allow the group to take pictures and experience the village. You will also see an eye-catching sight of goats climbing Argan trees.

Pause at the local cooperative and visit the Argan oil industry and then continue to Val d’Argan a special vineyard built by the French. If you are not a wine enthusiast, you can choose not to visit a vineyard. If you do, you may want to contribute some wine. If you want to visit the vineyard, visit Chateau de Fes first.

As you arrive you will see a welcoming guide he will take you for a visit to Medina around the Kasbah (old military bastion), the (old Jewish quarter) Mellah, and the fisherman port. You will then be driven for lunch to a native restaurant there. In the afternoon, after resting in your designated room, you will be free to enjoy the city, with a relaxed mood on beautiful beaches. You can also enjoy mint tea or coffee at the Moulay Elhassan and listen to Gnawa music played at back.

Your driver will transport you back to Marrakech around 18h00, it's a 5-hour drive. Back at your accommodation, you can enjoy some rest or simply explore the city.

Good to know

What Are The Things Included In The Day Trip Between Marrakech To Essaouria?

  • A driver with a modern vehicle that can speak French and English
  • You will have a local guide in Essaouria who can speak English
  • Pick and drop from the place of your accommodation in Marrakech

Things not included in Trip

  • Lunch and beverage
  • Personal expenses
  • Entry fees


If you're traveling to Essaouira, you have the opportunity of taking snaps of goats running around Argan trees. The goat herders are supposing a tip, so make sure you have some small bills on hand.

The distance between Essaouria and Marrakech is 190 kilometers. The time for traveling is around 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Yes, you will stop at the Argon oil processing unit. You will also visit the outlet where they sell goods. However, you don’t need to buy anything from there.

Yes, cafes are safe but if you're traveling to Essaouira, you might want to avoid some seafood restaurants near the port. There are vendors near the port that lure tourists into seemingly cheap seafood restaurants, but once you get to the restaurant you will be presented with outrageous bills. To avoid this, agree to the total price before you order anything. This includes drinks and the price of your food.


Essaouira is known for its beaches. While most are rocky, there are smaller sandy beaches where you can swim and relax. It can even be fun to go in the cold season when the water is warmer than the air temperature and it's sunny even though it's December!


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