Ouzoud Waterfalls Day Trip from Marrakech

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1 Day




Atlas Mountains

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1-7 17
8-17 16


Ouzoud waterfalls are one of Morocco’s most peculiar and fascinating waterfalls. A day trip from Marrakech to Ouzoud is a day trip into nature’s beauty! The visitor has the chance to admire one of Morocco’s largest natural rocky waterfalls. This waterfall is the highest in North Africa almost 110 m high.


  • Long drive in the Tadla plains that is full of olive gardens.
  • The mesmerizing beauty of Ouzoud waterfalls.
  • Photos session of Barbary apes
  • A journey along the passage to the river
  • Delicious treat of Berber Tagine


Your day trip will start with a 3 hours drive to Ouzoud waterfalls and then to the Atlas Mountains. The waterfall is present in Tanaghmeilt village to the north of Marrakech, in Azilal province.

On your way, you will travel through a vast round of olive groves while passing Ouzoud waterfalls. Each olive tree was beautiful and uniquely structured. Beyond the beauty of the waterfalls, the whole experience was humbling. The Ouzoud Waterfall is not only beautiful to see from a distance, but it is also a great place to swim and dive into the water for a refreshing afternoon! If you feel your self brave enough you can jump from the cliff in blue water.

At the end of the day, you'll feel rejuvenated by the natural, beautiful surroundings of Marrakech and the Ouzoud Valley.

Good to know


  • The local driver who can speak English with modern vehicles
  • Pick and drop from Marrakech
  • Tour of Ouzoud waterfall

Not included

  • Beverages and Lunch


Yes, you will see Barbary macaques on your way to the Ouzoud waterfall. The monkey there are mostly friendly and love to interact with humans. If you want them to behave well you should feed them by buying nuts and other things from the store.

You need comfortable shoes to walk around Ouzoud falls. If you have a waterproof jumper it will help you keep warm, especially in the winter season. In the summer season, it's best to wear light clothes, a hat, and sunscreen in which you feel comfortable.

There are many cafes located along the way to the Ouzoud waterfall. The most delicious thing there is Moroccan Salad and Berber Tagines. The view from the cafes is very modest and amazing.

Yes, you can swim in the Ouzoud waterfalls but only in the specified areas and if the water currents are good.

Ouzoud has a very nice temperature it stays around 18°C for most of the year. Winter is mostly rainy and it seldom rains in spring. Summers on the other hand are mostly dry.


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